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Market Rules and Regulations

Please read the instructions below carefully and follow them to help make each event easy and
enjoyable for every participating vendor and our loyal customers.

Set Up: 8:00AM -10:00AM

No Vehicle may enter or leave the show area between 10:00 AM and 3:00 PM

1. VENDORS: City Market is a dynamic market made up of
a) Handmade arts and crafts.
b) Food and food products.
c) Antique products
d) Repurposed items
e) Fairtrade providers

2. Food vendors must supply appropriate insurance and permits. City Market Syracuse and the
Everson Museum of Art must be named by your insurer.

3. Drive to the museum parking lot to check-in and pick up your parking pass.
4. Drive to your assigned spot. Observe the Unloading lane and Drive through lane.
5. Please do not block traffic by unloading in the drive-through lane.
6. Offload your wares ONLY- No setup
7. Move your vehicle to the vendor designated area (you may need to show your parking pass
to the attendant to park).
8. Street spots are for customers so if you park there you take a spot we need for customers.
9. Your vending fee includes parking.
10. After parking, you can now set up your booth for business.

1. Please pack up your booth before you bring your vehicle.
2. Move your vehicle to the unloading lane to pack up.
3. Please observe the traffic pattern. Do not block traffic.

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